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Boracay, Philippines - A Heaven for Kiteboarding

Boracay, Philippines happens to be listed as you for the top ten coastline destinations within the global world in accordance with Yahoo! Travel. This island that is amazing the Philippines has stunning views and waves ideal for kiteboarding.

Facts about Boracay Island:

Riders may catch the most effective winds throughout the months of to March december

The wind conditions are around 15 to 20 knots

The area has a climate that is tropical from warm to hot

The area is surrounded with bars, restaurants and clubs ideal for an nightlife that is exciting

The area of Boracay is located along north of Panay. Its simply an island that is small was first discovered by backpackers through the 80s. The destination has been developed from a secluded island into a culturally diverse location since its breakthrough. Now, there are malls, five star hotels and other establishments in this island that is small. Aside through the developments which can be commercial Boracay, Philippines has additionally become a haven for kiteboarding.

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Kiting in Boracay

Boracay has sandy that is long white with tropical and steady winds. Experts recommend kiting along the side that is east of island because it is quieter and far from the crowd. The beach along the part that is eastern of island is called Bulabog Beach. Here is the place that is ideal kiteboarders to introduce their kites.

For Beginners and Benefits

Bulabog beach is a kiting that is fantastic for beginner kiteboarders. The 2.5 kilometer bay that is long considered safe for beginner kite cyclists and sailors. The wind blows are consistent and tranquil from to March each year december. The waves are also great for experienced kiteboarders. There are great waves being rolling can raise surf jumps.

There are additionally instructors that are kiteboarding schools found within the island where youll learn how to ride your kites properly.

Striking White Beach

Among the things that made Boracay an extremely tourist that is popular in the Philippines is due to its striking white sands. Its one heaven that is tropical summer enthusiasts.

Boracay beaches are just like those found in the Caribbean with white sands, great waves, perfect winds, resorts, bars and all sorts of.

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Other Activities in Boracay

Apart from kiteboarding, the island of Boracay can also be a accepted place to perform windsurfing, wakeboarding, sailing, diving, jet skiing, and much more.

Boracay Island is a kiteboarding that is real in the Philippines. If you happen to look for a spot that is perfect kiteboarding, Boracay, Philippines sure has to be on your list.

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Kitesurfing in Thailand - Pak Nam Pran Spot Guide


Kitesurfing Thailand can organize a visit to Pak Nam Pran. Here a Spot that is small overview.

Pak Nam Pran is village that is tiny south of Hua Hin. It takes about 5 hours to get there by bus. Most accommodation and restaurants are on the beach that is main about 5km out of city. Nightlife is cool as there are plenty of pubs and discos directly on the beach and th